Ever wish you could go the gym on a flexible schedule and have the luxury of working with several experts who truly specialize in their fields of expertise?

Wish you could “have it all” bundled up in one experience that would offer the diversity but also keep you on track to getting results?



“concierge” style training

“Make a lifestyle change”, we have elite trainers ready to work with you. Get that push you need in the morning along with the programming that’s necessary for you to see results and achieve your goals.

Weight Training





Core Training

Functional Training

Injury prevention/rehab/deep tissue

And much more!


just another boot camp

a “personal training in a group setting” gimmick that turns out to be circuit training

a 30, 60, or 90 day challenge.


  • Exactly what you need but never thought could be available. We offer trainers that cater to the individuals

  • The environment you need to see results, achieve your goals, and change your lifestyle

  • An opportunity to be involved in several diverse methods of training with elite trainers who actually specialize in their respective fields.

This membership combines components of some of our most popular class programs:

As well as, personalized training!

We also offer private and semi private training.

For more information contact us at:
310-621-8481 or: newchapterfitness@gmail.com


Get personal training. Classes. Everything you want, on a schedule that works for you and at a price that’s affordable!

Monday – Friday

open 5am – 11am

Monday – Thursday

open 5pm – 8pm


open 7am – 11am

Make a Lifestyle Change!

*Training Membership grants access to the New Chapter Fitness trainers during training hours and does not allow for anytime access to the weight room.

FREE boxing gloves and wraps for new sign-ups!

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$ 199

2 days/week plus Saturdays

Recommended for those who need to change things up and want a personal training experience you can’t get anywhere else!



$ 299

3 days/week plus Saturdays

Recommended for those for whom personal training is an integral part of their lifestyle!


UnlimitedBest Value

$ 349

all days, includes PLUS Package

Recommended those who want to make a full lifestyle change!


DROP INS ($25 per session / day)
Book Now and Just Show Up!


PLUS Package ($39 per mo.)
Nutrition programming and Measurement Tracking

*PLUS Program can be added to either BASIC OR PREMIUM membership. To add, log into your NCF member profile account and locate “Contracts” and add “Plus Program”.


Results are important but the process of progression is all too often overlooked. Understanding how to achieve results and how to keep getting results comes from being informed during the process and also being able to go back and look at what worked and what didn’t.

We have the accountability coaches here at NCF to help you not only track your progress but offer consultation on how to continue progressing, break plateaus, set new goals and maintain a practical, yet healthy, lifestyle!

Using the mobile app NASM Edge we can track your progress(body fat, circumference measurements, weight, pics) and also develop customized online programs to keep you on track toward your goals even when you’re not in the gym!

IMPORTANT:  Add “PLUS Program” to your BASIC or PREMIUM membership tier in your NCF member profile once you’ve signed up for a membership. 

When I first joined NCF, I was excited! Immediately walking in I felt the vibe of the gym. That vibe was and still is, POSITIVE CHANGE. Everyone, no matter their gym level experience works hard and enjoys their time at NCF. I was attached after the first visit. I eventually cancelled my other gym membership and joined NCF permanently! Jonathan has established a great gym to change people’s lives and encourages a total lifestyle change. The trainers are really into their crafts and articulate their workouts for clients to fully understand what to do AND why it’s done a certain way to prevent injuries. Guest young and old come in and leave with a smile, even if that smile is “I’m happy it’s over”. That’s when I knew, NCF was the gym for me!

Chris C

Very pleased with my results with NCF. Jonathan’s routines have catapulted me not just back to old form, but surpassed what I had been able to achieve on my own and with previous trainers. Jonathan is a great guy, trains like a friend, but an ex-bodybuilder himself, really knows what he is doing, and helped me train around an injury which had caused me to plateau. He is a great motivator, and the results have also been highly motivating. I know each time I walk in the door I’m going to make progress.

Martyn W

New Chapter Fitness is able to quickly assess the most effective program that will help you achieve your goals and he is able to offer many options and flexibility which helps with staying committed to the program. Not only has Jonathan and New Chapter Fitness made a big impact in my life in terms of my fitness goals, it has also become a family affair which is unique and we all enjoy. This is an environment that is different than any other and it is a great community.

Kris GravesChief Human Resources Officer, XPERI

Without a doubt, Jonathan is THE trainer of trainers. As a leader of many mountain-based expeditions, my strength and overall fitness are crucial. I’ve been highly skeptical of trainers for many years but - wow! - Jonathan crushed that within the first couple weeks. He is equipped with an impressive depth of knowledge, an unprecedented ability to identify exactly what the body needs, and a never-ending catalog of variety. His good natured humor, attentiveness to detail and commitment to the success of his clients’ goal achievements are unmatched.

KarenLive It Up!

I am a 65-year-old guy who worked out almost every day of his life from the age of 25. My wife started working out with Jonathon and I saw incredible results. I decided to go myself and add this into my regular workouts. In less than a year I have lost 10 pounds that I never thought I could lose. I have gained significant strength even at my age. It has improved my golf game. There is a great atmosphere for working out and people are always encouraging you. It is a family type of place. I would highly recommend it for anyone from beginner to a regular workout person.

Russ Nelson


We have REAL trainers who specialize in weight loss, weightlifting, boxing, body transformation, HIIT, metabolic conditioning, and a host of other specializations!

What makes our trainers the REAL deal?

Simply put EVERYTHING that our NCF trainers specialize in has been and still is part of their lifestyle! They LIVE what they teach. They have the certifications and the credentials, but just as important, they’ve lived the lifestyle and had the experiences at an elite level to be able to instruct you on the practical application of those things that are necessary for your success!  Our trainers at NCF are lifestyle coaches that are bringing those talents and experiences to you in order to help you make a lifestyle change!

Jonathan Williams


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Dion Day


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