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Feet Hands Hips:

FH2 is a program designed to reduce injury risk as well as improve agility, strength and speed for the athletes involved. This program is appropriate for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities. Athletes will be taken through coordination, reaction and quickness drills that will serve to increase motor skills and motor learning. Improved coordination translates into greater quickness and decreases reaction time. The motor skills and motor learning in this program will also decrease the risk for injury to the athletes as they will have enhanced proprioceptive abilities that allow for them to recover quickly from missteps and misalignments while in motion.


Age specific training is critical to building a proper foundation for training youth athletes. The Youth athletes will “train to train.” Unfortunately, girls are at much higher risk than boys for injury in sports such as lacrosse so it is of the utmost importance that a proper foundation is established for these athletes to pave the way for higher levels of athletic achievement. They will learn what it takes to train for sport by establishing healthy training habits. Also the Youth players will be taught foundational principles of movement, and body mechanics so as to improve their balance, flexibility, coordination and overall athletic development, and most importantly, decrease their risk for injury.


5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.



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