NEW CHAPTER FITNESS is proud to present a comprehensive Lacrosse program.



Feet Hands Hips:

FH2 is a program designed to reduce injury risk as well as improve agility, strength and speed for the athletes involved. This program is appropriate for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities. Athletes will be taken through coordination, reaction and quickness drills that will serve to increase motor skills and motor learning. Improved coordination translates into greater quickness and decreases reaction time. The motor skills and motor learning in this program will also decrease the risk for injury to the athletes as they will have enhanced proprioceptive abilities that allow for them to recover quickly from missteps and misalignments while in motion.

New Chapter Fitness would like to offer participation in the FH2 program for lacrosse players. This particular program will include all of the aforementioned aspects of FH2, plus an introduction to weightlifting for those athletes that are ready for it.

Our training curriculum allows for participation of athletes of all ages looking to excel!



4:00 p.m. – 5:00p.m. 


Mon / Wed

Time:  5pm – 6pm 

High school athletes demonstrating efficient movement mechanics and athletic development will train for strength and conditioning. This means that High School athletes will receive an introduction to resistance training and weightlifting. Additionally, lacrosse specific cardiovascular training will add to the development of the High School athletes as they will integrate lacrosse skills into their training in order to facilitate athletic progression.

ELITE – Boys
Mon / Wed

Time:  5pm – 6:30pm 

Injury prevention and rehabilitation is essential in this curriculum in addition to several other performance enhancement training protocols. Elite level players will experience a full spectrum of training involving re-establishing basic fundamental principles of movement as well as progressing into advanced weightlifting, powerlifting, and plyometrics. Elite athlete training is geared toward “peaking.” Many of the Elite athletes are seeking to showcase at tournaments and games that require them to be at their peak level of performance.


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Tues / Wed / Thurs  ( 7/10 – 7/19 )
& Mon ( 7/23 )

Time:  12pm – 1pm


Tues / Wed / Thurs  ( 7/10 – 7/19 )
& Mon ( 7/23 )

Time: 1pm – 2pm