There are fundamental principles that must be considered when preparing yourself for a sport. Baseball presents some very unique challenges in regards to athletic preparation as throwing and hitting a baseball are some of the most demanding movements the body will have to deal with in a sport setting.


The New Chapter Fitness Baseball Performance Program is the perfect opportunity for young athletes to participate in the athlete specific sports training that they need to:

> reduce injury risk
> rehabilitate current injuries

> enhance athletic performance
> integrate athleticism with skill development
> extend and prolong athletic career

New Chapter Fitness will be offering comprehensive athlete specific sports programming to athletes playing baseball. A body mechanics assessment is performed for each player in order to determine the mechanical deficiencies that may be impairing athletic performance and/or causing injury. By addressing these mechanical inefficiencies we can design athlete specific programming that caters to the individual athlete and how they fit into the collective. So whether you are an in-season or off-season player, our programming offers the comprehensive training that you require to improve your performance!


Triple Play


NCF TRIPLE PLAY is the perfect opportunity for athletes to receive full spectrum training that includes speed and agility, core and mobility and strength and stability. It’s a full body, all encompassing workout that will facilitate the athletic enhancement of any athlete willing to take it on!



Monday – Thursday @ 5:30pm

Saturday @ 9:00am

Registrations / Cancellations no later than 12 hours before class.

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