101 RAMS

Specifically designed for the 101 Rams athletes, FAS4T will be instrumental in preparing 101 Ram players for the upcoming football season.



Functional Athletic Speed Strength and Stability Sports Training

The FAS4T program is designed to take athletes during their off season and examine the weak areas of their game and mitigate those weaknesses through proper training protocols. In an effort to improve the speed, agility, and overall athleticism of the 101 Rams players we will be take them through coordination, reaction and quickness drills that will serve to increase motor skills and motor learning. Improved coordination translates into greater quickness and decreases reaction time. The motor skills and motor learning in this program will also decrease the risk for injury to the athletes as they will have enhanced proprioceptive abilities that allow for them to recover quickly from missteps and misalignments while in motion.

As the season nears, the FAS4T program will begin to focus on game speed, agility, and quickness so that athletes make an appropriate transition into the upcoming



4:00PM – 5:00PM



For Multiple or Advanced Bookings